Elaine de Kooning

Untitled, 1964-1965
Six color screenprint
17.40 x 23 in (44.20 x 58.42 cm)
This rare print is in very good condition with light paper toning typical for a print of its age. Printed by Elaine de Kooning at Chiron Press/Stephen Poleskie with Brice Marden as his assistant. Published by Tanglewood Press. Hand signed and dated by the artist in black ink. Unnumbered edition of 200. Framed. Stephen Poleskie has said of this print: "At that time we were close friends and she (de Kooning) was one of the first to work with me in my print shop. I recently found some photographs of her in my studio, Chiron Press. Eddie (Johnson) was also a sculptor and a film maker. We collaborated on a movie called The Bird Film, which was widely shown back then at places like The Bridge Cinema in NYC and the Yale Film Festival. I have previously written about the film for this column. Elaine de Kooning was an associate producer, and many of the movie’s scenes were shot on her farm at Livingston Manor in upstate New York. Eddie also took the photographs that appeared in Life magazine when Elaine painted her famous, or infamous, portrait of President John F. Kennedy. Elaine's screenprint, was done from her "bulls" series. It was printed in six colors, and Elaine made all the stencils herself, with my help and supervision, using the tusche and glue technique. This process is quite time consuming, and few of the artists I worked with back then were willing to put in the effort required to make a print this way. Elaine and I made a lot of test prints and pulled proofs in many different color combinations. Elaine was a true painter at heart...was hand signed by Elaine herself...I believe she used a black marker."
Untitled by Elaine de Kooning

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