Alex Katz

Black Hat (Ada) (15/25), 2012
Woodblock on Somerset satin white 300g
21 x 20 in (53.34 x 50.80 cm)
$4,250.00 (Framed)
Hand signed and numbered by the artist. In excellent condition. Framed. The subject of this work is the artist's first wife, Ada. The couple met in 1957 and married in 1958, and it was around this time that Katz began to focus on painting portraits. All of Katz’s portraits involve a degree of idealization and generalization, particularly those depicting Ada. Invariably serene, stylish, and introspective, equally parts bemused and inscrutable, the Ada of Katz’s painting is more icon than flesh. The effect is exaggerated here thanks to the composition, which alludes to a long tradition of painted portraits of seated subjects by artists such as Raphael, Velazquez, and Rembrandt.
Black Hat (Ada) by Alex Katz

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