Joe Andoe

Two Horses, 1 (54/133), 1998
12-color silkscreen on Coventry white vellum, 375 gsm
43 x 43 in (109.22 x 109.22 cm)
Hand signed and numbered by the artist. In excellent condition. Framed. Using an unconventional reductive technique, Joe Andoe creates images of monochromatic and earthen-colored farm animals (particularly horses), horns, and other natural and household subjects. To begin with he usually covers his chosen surface with a single color and incises the outline of his subject. He then creates the image by wiping away the layers of still wet paint within the outline. The contrast between the density of the background and the image comprised of the smeared and blurred underlying surface creates a sunken relief within the painted background. The shifts in tone and shadow are intended to eerily evoke twilight landscapes and dreams.
Two Horses, 1 by Joe Andoe
Two Horses, 1 by Joe Andoe
Two Horses, 1 by Joe Andoe

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