Brian Alfred


Brian Alfred
(American, 1974-) Brian Alfred was born in Pittsburgh in 1974. Alfred started his career as a painter, going on to exhibit animations based on his paintings. His works, in large, focus on how our surroundings and culture are mediated by technology. Alfred typically works from found images of urban landscapes. After 9/11, and the advancement of surveillance and conspiracy theories, he began to almost exclusively focus on images of architecture, machinery, and urban landscapes. The world he creates lack human life, therefore giving his work a distant, remote feel. Adding to the distant feel, Alfred uses the aid of a computer to reduce and abstract his images before rendering the resulted color fields in animation or acrylic.​Alfred has collections at the Guggenheim, NY, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, Denver Art Museum, CO, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, CA, National Gallery of Victoria, Australia, Montclair Art Museum, NJ, and Orange County Museum of Art, CA. He has received many awards including, Penn State Alumni Achievement Award, New York Foundation of the Arts Inspiration Award, the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grand, and the Edwin Zoller Scholarship Award.,h_400,c_fill/eibrstbj3zqpnko16yje.jpg